Plant Sale

The Herb Society No Longer Hosts a Public Sale

Members can get a copy of the order form via email:

Orders are due at the October 14, 2021 Meeting

Pick Up on Wednesday, May 4, 2022     8:30-10:00 AM


Member Herb & Plant Sale

Natorp’s is located at 8601 Snider Road in Mason, Ohio.

Why do we use Natorp’s? 
Natorp’s has the best selection. Natorp’s is the only garden center who is willing to try to obtain all the plants from our previous order form.  In the event that a few of the crops fail, you simply won’t pay for those plants.


Simpler Payment
Instead of prepaying when you place your order, you will pick up your order from Natorp’s on Wednesday May 6, 2020 from 8:30 AM-10:00 AM.  You will pay their cashiers with credit card, check, or cash. At 10:00 AM on the day of the sale, Natorp’s opens to the public and the plants you ordered will not be held until you arrive later that day.


Labor Saving 
Members will pull their own order at Natorp’s, thus saving plant volunteers the labor of unloading the plants off the truck, pulling, checking and double checking the orders. Natorp’s has carts so you can easily load your order and deliver it to your car.


Extra Perks 
Each member who places an order will automatically have their name, address, phone and email in the Natorp’s computer system. This entitles you to be a “Club Member”. Club members receive 20% of all Natorp’s stock every time they shop.


Members, DO NOT order plants if you feel, Natorp’s is too far away, too early in the morning to arrive, or not a big enough discount.  Common herbs can easily be found at the big box stores.  You can buy those anytime at your leisure.

IF you order plants and fail to pick them up by 10:00 AM, you risk not getting all the plants you ordered.

IF you order plants and fail to pick them up period – you will not be permitted to participate in future member herb sales! 

This is an honor system and Natorp’s are ordering these plants specifically for our members. By not picking up your order, you are placing our business agreement with Natorp’s in jeopardy, which affects the rest of the members.

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